Student program. Daisy explained that the year went so fast, it seems like a short time ago when the students were sitting (a year ago) at our lunch meeting. She was happy to announce that all passed their year (applause). Wim Odems sponsored one of the best atletes and several other Rotarians sponsored students to go to music lessons, tennis lessons, and many other. Then the students took the mike and in surprisingly good English one of them told us that because of Rotary she was closer in following her dream to go to Harvard medical school to develop a cure for cancer. Others told us how grateful they were and that they will do everything to make us proud and one of them did already by being second best in her class. Rudy asked Daisy if we can have a report on the progress of the students every 2-3 months so we can keep track of our investment and our future. Although Sigmund was happy with the results he regretted that males were underrepresented. Vinod explained the board wants to expand the program to have more than current 8 students.

 ImageDaisy addresses the Students