On Thursday, March 21 Rotary Club Curacao organizes a fundraising lunch at Sunscape Resort & Casino

where Dr. Stephen Small, will hold a lecture with the topic "Peace and Conflict in Diversity". The aim of the lunch is to raise funds for the project "Pas den Kas’', an initiative to provide the community with basic tools for conflict resolution. Dr. Small is a professor at the University of California. Since 2010 he is also an extraordinary professor at the University of Amsterdam, charged with the study of Dutch slavery and its legacy. He will be discussing the causes, manifestations, consequences and ways to resolve conflicts between individuals, groups and the general community. He will also touch upon the influence of diversity, inequality and history on conflicts in a multicultural society like ours.

Drs. Chris Palm, expert in mediation, will expand on the project for the community. The lectures are in English; tickets cost ANG 175, and are available from members of the Rotary Club Curacao and from Thursday to Mensing's Caminada.




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Dr. Small, himself a Jamaican /Scottish 'mix', who has lived in the U.S. for 20 years, has studied the history, culture and relationships r in societies of the African Diaspora in several countries, including France, Brazil, Zimbabwe and the Netherlands. He speaks several languages. His appointment at the University of Amsterdam since 2010, made possible by Ninsee, makes it possible for him to offer an outsider’s view,  but sustained by knowledge and understanding of our situation.

Peace and Conflict Resolution are basic themes of Rotary International. The organization has Peace centers in different countries, provides scholarships for academic studies that lead to a better understanding between peoples, and has extensive international exchange programs for students and young professionals. By coincidence, in the same year in which the Kingdom commemorates 150 years of the abolition of slavery, Rotary International’s theme is "Peace through Service".

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