Rotary Lottery 2018
What can  Rotary do with money raised by the Rotary Lottery and other Rotary events?
First of all thank you for your contribution!
The Rotary Club of Curacao has held the lottery for almost forty years. Proceeds are 100% for charity, mostly focussed on education and health care. Increasingly they try to do programs in collaboration with others and over the longer term, all following the sustainable development goals.
Last year the proceeds went, among others, towards  new mammogram equipment for Fundashon Prevenshon, (together with Rotary Club Willemstad and other donors), physiotherapy equipment for Fundashon Alton Paas, books for Fundashon Material di Skol, contribution to a school library to buy new books, hands on project Juan Duarte School,  high school scholarships for talented students from less privileged homes (in its 8th year) and a tutoring/mentoring program for a complete VSBO class (in its 5th year). We also support Tur Ta Konta, the arithmetic tutoring program (in its 5th year) and are starting a program to support micro-entrepreneurs (with Mikrofiansa).
The Rotary Lottery is organized again this year, drawing date is December 13th at Bo Tra'i Merdia and beautiful prizes can be won like a Mazda 3 2019, a cruise, mountain bikes or beautiful art pieces of Gwen Anderson, Herman van Bergen and Hortence Brouwn.
You can purchase your tickets (f.10 each) with all Rotary Club of Curacao Rotarians and during opening hours at:
  • Vreugdenhil
  • Mensing's Caminada
  • Skenicash
  • Bruna Curacao
  • Mau-Asam Travel
  • Dasia Curacao
  • Mazda Curacao
  • Van den Tweel Zeelandia Curacao
  • Door Design Curacao
  • Fundashon Prevenshon
  • 24Uur Uit De Muur
  • Flipside Skate Shop And Park Curaçao
  • Samsom Curaçao
'Bo Tra'i Merdia' on TV'
Rotary Club of Curaçao - Helping Our Community For 80+ Years
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Stories of Club, District and R.I.
Curacao, July 2018
Donation to Stichting Huize Veronica 
Stichting Huize Veronica is an elderly home catering for 16 people. This home exists for 15 years (in July 1, 2018).  They were in need of more durable and professional equipment as their current equipment didn’t work properly anymore.
Rotary Club of Curacao donated a stove and a freezer to Stichting Huize Veronica.
Huize Victoria
Pierrot Hurtado from the Donations Committee, Nico Blok,  President of Rotary Club of Curacao and Mrs. Eunice Delvalle, managing director of Stichting Huize Veronica.
Other pictures: The donated stove and  freezer

Willemstad, June 9th 2018

Members of Rotary Club of Curaçao (RCC) pulled up their sleeves and joined forces on a cleanup and painting project at AGO Juan Pablo Duarte School in Montaña.

Both the inside and outside walls were thoroughly cleaned and the walls as well as the ceilings of 3 classrooms were painted with a very fresh light color.

RCC once again demonstrated yet another day of great fellowship while giving back to our local community.

The remainder of the school is being fixed and upgraded by contractors from the Montaña neighborhood during the days and weeks to come for the pupils to have renovated school premises when the new school year opens in August.


RCC would like to thank all our members that participated in the event (see group picture) and our loyal sponsors: Kooyman & Coca Cola. 

Helping hands at work for Juan Pablo Duarte School in Montaña

New President is Mr. Nico Blok


Mr. Erick Statius van Eps: Past President

Mr. Pierrot Hurtado: Director Community Service

Mr. Gino Cova: Master of Ceremony

Mr. Marius Noort: Director Youth and Vocational Services

Mr. Michael de Sola: Membership and President elect

Ms. Ivette van der Velden: Director Public Relations

Mr. Stuart Till: Treasurer

Mrs. Lynda Williams: Secretary

Mr. Gwido Jansen: Director Fundraising

Mr. Nico Blok: President 2018-2019 & Director Strategy, Continuity & Complaince

Mr. Shaffie Wihby: Club Services- incoming Secretary


President 2017-2018 Erick van Eps, handed out honorary rewards for ‘Making a Difference’ to Mrs. Danielle van Eps , Ms. Evelyn Kruithof-Bor,  Mr. Michael de Sola,  Mr. Pierrot Hurtado and Ms. Thyra Hoogenbergen- Sannen. Mr. Gino Cova was graciously decorated with a Paul Harris award.


On Saturday May 19, Ennia was crowned Winner of the 3rd edition of Curaçao Corporate Challenge 2018 organized by Rotary Club of Curaçao. The successful 3rd edition took place in front of an enthusiastic crowd of over 1,000 supporters in Virgilio Hato stadium (SDK). Rotary Club of Curaçao estimates that this fundraising event will result in net funds of approximately Ang. 150,000.

18 companies and/or organizations participated with 15 passionate yet fair playing team members each for a good cause in 11 different challenges focusing on teamwork and team building. The event was officially opened around 2 pm by none other than our very own sport hero Churandy Martina who wished the participants success on a giant led screen even though he was in Holland.

The winners were announced at 9 pm. The top 4 teams respectively turned out to be the teams of Ennia, national laboratory ADC and sharing third place The Central Bank and Banco di Caribe. MCB Bank won the the relay race, the crowd’s favorite competition followed by BAB foundation and in third place Banco di Caribe. Ennia won the very popular dance competition. The price for the most popular Facebook promo video went to Massy United. All corporate films as well as pics and videos of this successful event are posted on the Rotary Club of Curaçao Facebook page (click on events and select Curaçao Corporate Challenge).

The net funds raised will go towards improving access to professional swim training for kids from Bandabou. Rotary Club of Curaçao thanks all sponsors, participants, volunteers, fans and everyone who in some way contributed towards another successful Curaçao Corporate Challenge.

Help Rotary transform humble dreamers into future swimming heroes. Contributions are still possible through account number MCB 895.017.06 Rotary Community Services, RCC CCC 2018.

For more info: or Reinier de la Fuente, telephone 510-5141

Last Thursday on may 3rd, we had a very festive and fun evening, as we had a Mexican themed dinner, during which we pinned 2 new young members and a Paul Harris Fellow was granted. 
Rotarian Lynda Williams introduced Neysa Isenia and she spoke very highly of Neysa listening her personal accomplishments and her contribution to the society. She is currently a reading assistant at school and is on the Board of the Children's Museum.
Rotarian Reinier de la Fuente introduced Vanessa Sierra who is from Stockholm, Sweden. She is a PR and Communications Manager and is now one of the youngest members to be pinned.
Rotarians Daisy Tyrol-Carolus and Lynda Williams surprised President Erick van Eps with a Paul Harris Fellow for his dynamic year as President and all he has achieved.
A warm welcome to the new members & congratulations to Erick!
At the end of the evening President Erick surprised us all with a festive performance of the Mariachi's.
Pinning of new member Neysa Isenia
Pinning of new member Vanessa Sierra
The prestigious Paul Harris Fellow was awarded to Erick van Eps for his outstanding service as our President.
The Mariachi's.

Always have a difficulty choosing where to eat? So many good restaurants, but you can't visit them all in one night-- Until now!

Join the Rotary Walking Dinner on May 8th, and you will receive 5 delicious courses with wine package in 5 of Pietermaai District Curaçao most famous restaurants. 
With your participation you will be supporting Rotary's cause to raise funds for the new mammography equipment of Fundashon Prevenshon.

We have limited seating available so send an email to to make your reservation now. 

For more information: check out our event on Facebook.


Curaçao Corporate Challenge 2018
This is a friendly annual sporting event, organized by the Rotary Club of Curaçao, during which various companies challenge each other to raise money for a good cause.
DATE: May 19th, 2018
LOCATION: SDK - Ergilio Hato Stadium

Atenshon Natashon Much’i Bandabou
Just like all kids, Bandabou kids dream of fame and great accomplishments. Unfortunately they do not have the same possibilities and access to the necessary swim facilities as the rest. Transportation to and from professional swim training for example poses a great challenge in and of itself. Help Rotary transform humble dreamers into future swimming heroes.

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Would you like to participate? We have some spots left.
Submit this form now: and you will receive more info about participating.

Come and support your favorite team: There will be lots of food and drinks for attractive prices & a bouncer for the kids. 
Don't forget to pick up your ticket at the entrance to participate in our FREE RAFFLE with great prizes.
Follow our event & stay-up-to date on the raffles, prizes and things to do:

We appeciate all donations: Please make them to:
859.017.06 MCB
Stichting Community Service Rotary Club Curacao o.v.v. RCC CCC 2018.

Be social and use #rotaryccc #rotarycuracao and tag us!
800th Rotary Bus Project | 44 years “fun” trips for children.

“Every child should get a chance to get to know her or his island better.” Huub Bongers once said. Huub noticed that many children never made trips to parts of the island outside their immediate living surroundings,---some children had never even seen the sea!

He therefore, with a number of other Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Curacao, started the Rotary Bus Project on December 18, 1974.

The idea was to every two weeks bring children of the basic schools to a nice destination of their choice.

As of then every two weeks a bus of the ABC Busbedrijf brought children of a class of a basic school to a beautiful beach, a monument, a fort, industry, museum or some other attraction or destination of their choice.

Funds were and are collected during the weekly Rotary lunch, when raffle tickets are sold. (An initiative of Rudy Dovale)

The complete proceeds go to the Rotary Bus Project.

The Rotary Bus Project has in the meantime become a tradition, begun in 1974, the Rotary Bus has brought more than 26,000 children to all sorts of destinations.

Last Wednesday, May 2nd, the 800th bus with 53 children left from the M.C.Piar School. The children first visited the Tula Museum and after a nice lunch the Tumba Museum. It was a wonderful day and the children, wearing 800th Bus T-shirts, enjoyed themselves superbly.

The ABC Busbedrijf has placed their busses at our disposal all these years!


* Mr. Huub Bongers during the 200rd bustrip. Ref.: book Rotary Club of Curacao, 50 years of service.

* Children of the M.C.Piarschool

* Members of the Rotary Club of Curacao with the 800th bus.

President and spouse 2017
President Erick and spouse Danielle
Rotary Cub Curaçao 2017-2018
Hurrican relief page

Board for '18-'19 :

President: Mr. Nico Blok
Incoming Pres: Mr. Michael de Sola
Secretary: Mrs. Lynda Williams
Incoming Secr: Mr. Shaffie Wihby
Treasurer: Stuart Till
Dir Fund Rais: Mr. Gwido Jansen
Dir Comm. Serv: Mr. Pierrot Hurtado
Dir Public Rel: Ms. Ivette van der Velden
Dir Youth Serv: Mr. Marius Noort
Past President: Mr. Erick Statius van Eps


     Where we meet:

Thursday 12:00 noon 
Landhuis Zeelandia z/n
Kaya W.F.G. Mensing
Language: English
We welcome visiting Rotarians!
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