Rotary Club of Curaçao Change of the Board 2020-2021

Newly installed Rotary board f.l.t.r.: Pierrot Hurtado, Corinne Senior, Liane Cova, Ivette van der Velden, Marius van Noort, Vinod Daswani, Neysa Isenia, Michael de Sola, Helvig van de Laarschot, Boudino de Jong. Photo by Carlo Wallé
WILLEMSTAD - Last Thursday evening, Rotary Club of Curaçao (RCC) held a festive celebration at their Zeelandia clubhouse in light of their annual change of the Board. Marius van Noort was appointed as the new President for the upcoming year, succeeding now past-president Michael de Sola. Rotary International's theme for the upcoming year is 'Rotary Opens Opportunities', which according to the newly appointed President will be paramount in the current challenging times our country is facing.
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Posted by Boudino de Jong on Oct 29, 2019



A legend is gone, his legacy continues.


Rudy Dovale - Rotary Club of Curaçao Honorary Member and Rotary Paul Harris Fellow

WILLEMSTAD - Rudy Dovale joined the Rotary Club of Curaçao in 1966 and was a member for more than fifty years. Rudy was the oldest and honorary member and until recently active. Rudy was very popular within his club and served as president of the club from 1975 to 1976. As he told us a few weeks ago: "Rotary is a big part of my life". He died a few weeks before his 98th birthday. Rudy received the Rotary award "Paul Harris Fellow". An award that is awarded to someone who is rewarded with this honorary title for special merits. He has always been involved, enthusiastic and very entertaining, but Rudy could also be critical. We will remember him as a very dedicated Rotarian. The club mourns his death but at the same time is very grateful for the beautiful and long life of Mr Dovale.

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RCC visits Blenchi School with District Governor

Posted by Boudino de Jong

During the District Governor's stay on Curaçao we visited Blenchi School, one of our community projects that we support with pride! The school is headed by Arginia Lucio, a true female leader and inspiration in our community that is doing an amazing job running the school with the limited resources that they have.


For all images visit: RCC Facebook

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Interact@work Zeelandia Carwash P. W. Pieter W Blankevoort 2018-11-11 04:00:00Z 0
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Donation to Stichting Huize Veronica 

Posted by Pierrot Hurtado on Jul 31, 2018
Curacao, July 2018
Donation to Stichting Huize Veronica 
Stichting Huize Veronica is an elderly home catering for 16 people. This home exists for 15 years (in July 1, 2018).  They were in need of more durable and professional equipment as their current equipment didn’t work properly anymore.
Rotary Club of Curacao donated a stove and a freezer to Stichting Huize Veronica.
Huize Victoria
Pierrot Hurtado from the Donations Committee, Nico Blok,  President of Rotary Club of Curacao and Mrs. Eunice Delvalle, managing director of Stichting Huize Veronica.
Other pictures: The donated stove and  freezer
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Helping hands at work for Juan Pablo Duarte School in Montaña

Willemstad, June 9th 2018

Members of Rotary Club of Curaçao (RCC) pulled up their sleeves and joined forces on a cleanup and painting project at AGO Juan Pablo Duarte School in Montaña.

Both the inside and outside walls were thoroughly cleaned and the walls as well as the ceilings of 3 classrooms were painted with a very fresh light color.

RCC once again demonstrated yet another day of great fellowship while giving back to our local community.

The remainder of the school is being fixed and upgraded by contractors from the Montaña neighborhood during the days and weeks to come for the pupils to have renovated school premises when the new school year opens in August.


RCC would like to thank all our members that participated in the event (see group picture) and our loyal sponsors: Kooyman & Coca Cola. 

Helping hands at work for Juan Pablo Duarte School in Montaña
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Installation RCC Board of 2018-2019

New President is Mr. Nico Blok


Mr. Erick Statius van Eps: Past President

Mr. Pierrot Hurtado: Director Community Service

Mr. Gino Cova: Master of Ceremony

Mr. Marius Noort: Director Youth and Vocational Services

Mr. Michael de Sola: Membership and President elect

Ms. Ivette van der Velden: Director Public Relations

Mr. Stuart Till: Treasurer

Mrs. Lynda Williams: Secretary

Mr. Gwido Jansen: Director Fundraising

Mr. Nico Blok: President 2018-2019 & Director Strategy, Continuity & Complaince

Mr. Shaffie Wihby: Club Services- incoming Secretary


President 2017-2018 Erick van Eps, handed out honorary rewards for ‘Making a Difference’ to Mrs. Danielle van Eps , Ms. Evelyn Kruithof-Bor,  Mr. Michael de Sola,  Mr. Pierrot Hurtado and Ms. Thyra Hoogenbergen- Sannen. Mr. Gino Cova was graciously decorated with a Paul Harris award.


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Team Ennia Curaçao’s Best Corporate Team 2018

Posted on May 22, 2018

On Saturday May 19, Ennia was crowned Winner of the 3rd edition of Curaçao Corporate Challenge 2018 organized by Rotary Club of Curaçao. The successful 3rd edition took place in front of an enthusiastic crowd of over 1,000 supporters in Virgilio Hato stadium (SDK). Rotary Club of Curaçao estimates that this fundraising event will result in net funds of approximately Ang. 150,000.

18 companies and/or organizations participated with 15 passionate yet fair playing team members each for a good cause in 11 different challenges focusing on teamwork and team building. The event was officially opened around 2 pm by none other than our very own sport hero Churandy Martina who wished the participants success on a giant led screen even though he was in Holland.

The winners were announced at 9 pm. The top 4 teams respectively turned out to be the teams of Ennia, national laboratory ADC and sharing third place The Central Bank and Banco di Caribe. MCB Bank won the the relay race, the crowd’s favorite competition followed by BAB foundation and in third place Banco di Caribe. Ennia won the very popular dance competition. The price for the most popular Facebook promo video went to Massy United. All corporate films as well as pics and videos of this successful event are posted on the Rotary Club of Curaçao Facebook page (click on events and select Curaçao Corporate Challenge).

The net funds raised will go towards improving access to professional swim training for kids from Bandabou. Rotary Club of Curaçao thanks all sponsors, participants, volunteers, fans and everyone who in some way contributed towards another successful Curaçao Corporate Challenge.

Help Rotary transform humble dreamers into future swimming heroes. Contributions are still possible through account number MCB 895.017.06 Rotary Community Services, RCC CCC 2018.

For more info: or Reinier de la Fuente, telephone 510-5141

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A Mexican night full of surprises

Posted on May 11, 2018
Last Thursday on may 3rd, we had a very festive and fun evening, as we had a Mexican themed dinner, during which we pinned 2 new young members and a Paul Harris Fellow was granted. 
Rotarian Lynda Williams introduced Neysa Isenia and she spoke very highly of Neysa listening her personal accomplishments and her contribution to the society. She is currently a reading assistant at school and is on the Board of the Children's Museum.
Rotarian Reinier de la Fuente introduced Vanessa Sierra who is from Stockholm, Sweden. She is a PR and Communications Manager and is now one of the youngest members to be pinned.
Rotarians Daisy Tyrol-Carolus and Lynda Williams surprised President Erick van Eps with a Paul Harris Fellow for his dynamic year as President and all he has achieved.
A warm welcome to the new members & congratulations to Erick!
At the end of the evening President Erick surprised us all with a festive performance of the Mariachi's.
Pinning of new member Neysa Isenia
Pinning of new member Vanessa Sierra
The prestigious Paul Harris Fellow was awarded to Erick van Eps for his outstanding service as our President.
The Mariachi's.
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Rotary Walking Dinner 2018


Always have a difficulty choosing where to eat? So many good restaurants, but you can't visit them all in one night-- Until now!

Join the Rotary Walking Dinner on May 8th, and you will receive 5 delicious courses with wine package in 5 of Pietermaai District Curaçao most famous restaurants. 
With your participation you will be supporting Rotary's cause to raise funds for the new mammography equipment of Fundashon Prevenshon.

We have limited seating available so send an email to to make your reservation now. 

For more information: check out our event on Facebook.


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Paul Harris recognitions 2012-2013

Posted by Pieter Blankevoort on Nov 26, 2015

Lunch meeting 26th November 2015 the following persons were horored for their Community support with a Paul Harris recognition award:


1 – Mirelle Canword: For her many community activities and as president of Innerwheel and Exchange Project.

2 – Yvonne Verbrugge: For her many activities as president of the Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds.

3 - Shanella Fos: For her activities as organizer for the Bus Project during many years.



Lunch 26-july  2012: Paul Harris Fellows: Dick de R. was pinned for his financial contribution to the Club, while Ron P. was given the honor of a second Paul Harris Ruby for his efforts of helping Fellow Rotarian Huub to attend meetings over the last year. This was done at the request of Huub for which the Board agreed.

Image                                    Image


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Change of District

Posted on Aug 27, 2015
During the Assembly meeting of the 27th of August 2015, a choice was presented to the members whether they would prefer to move to District 7020 or District 7030.  District 7030 was was preferred by Rotary Club of Curaçao based on a majority vote.  To visit their website Click on the links on blue. Both Districts are member of the Zone: R.I 34
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First Official Lunch meeting "Message of the President". Niko Kluyver 2015-07-09 03:00:00Z 0

Board Rotary year 2015 -2016

Posted by Pieter Blankevoort on Jul 01, 2015

The Board in office for RCC until the 1st of July 2016


President Niko Kluyver with his Board for the Rotary year 2015-2016
From left to right: Gordon Casey, Pieter vd Valk, Niko Kluyver, Helvig van de Laarschot Jonckheer, Leo Rigaud, Erick Statius van Eps, Giovanni Quilotte, Alba Martijn, Gino Campbell, Reinier de la Fuente



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Rotary exchange in Brazil, Germany or Mexico this school vacation

Posted by Tamira Cruz, La on Apr 14, 2014

Student Exchange Opportunity

for high school students in Curaçao to go on a Rotary exchange in Brazil, Germany or somewhere else


The Rotary Club of Curaçao has an opportunity to provide some local students between the age of 16 to 19 with a once-in-a-lifetime experience through Rotary International's Youth Exchange Program. Students can take part in a four- to six- week (a longer period is possible under certain circumstances) exchange in either Brazil, Mexico or Germany to immerse themselves in a new culture, learn a new language or simply explore a new part of the world. They will stay with host families that are pre-screened by Rotary. For more information please email: 



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Peace and Conflict in Diversity

Posted by Tamira La Cruz on Mar 05, 2013

On Thursday, March 21 Rotary Club Curacao organizes a fundraising lunch at Sunscape Resort & Casino

where Dr. Stephen Small, will hold a lecture with the topic "Peace and Conflict in Diversity". The aim of the lunch is to raise funds for the project "Pas den Kas’', an initiative to provide the community with basic tools for conflict resolution. Dr. Small is a professor at the University of California. Since 2010 he is also an extraordinary professor at the University of Amsterdam, charged with the study of Dutch slavery and its legacy. He will be discussing the causes, manifestations, consequences and ways to resolve conflicts between individuals, groups and the general community. He will also touch upon the influence of diversity, inequality and history on conflicts in a multicultural society like ours.

Drs. Chris Palm, expert in mediation, will expand on the project for the community. The lectures are in English; tickets cost ANG 175, and are available from members of the Rotary Club Curacao and from Thursday to Mensing's Caminada.




Image                Image

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ClubRunner lesson one: Login ClubRunner (members only)

Posted by Pieter Blankevoort on Jul 21, 2012

Please follow instructions step by step. If you need to provide your email address, be sure to use the address as stated in the Roster.

Go to an click on Go to ClubRunner (for the time beying are connected to ClubRunner immediately)

In this EXAMPLE we use Rotarian named:   "Mrs. First Lastnamespouce-Ownname"

Login: flastname7454

PASSWORD: flastname

Once in ADMIN (you go to Admin)  =>Admin, just under the title-bar of  My ClubRunner, you see the line => Edit My Profile  => double Click
You see some strange girl/guy in white and gray. Put you own picture there or send me a nice picture (My e-mail address is in the Roster) and I will put it there for you. After any change always SAVE.
If you need HELP, please feel free to ask.

As an alternative:

You can directly go to:        and LOGIN same way

Any problem, Send an email with your questions to:

  (PimmBlankevoort AT  hotmail DOT com)  ............. AT  = @ and ¨ DOT ¨ =  ¨ . ¨ and of course no spaces or look for my e-mail address in the Roster.


Pimm Blankevoort
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ClubRunner lesson two: How to find your way around

Posted by Pieter Blankevoort on Jul 21, 2012
Make use of the HELP desk (Top-right in the menu) ,  Click on the various options of the topic you do not understand.

Support Center  =>  in    Knowledgebase     Click on   Support and Online Help   => 

=>  In Knowledgebase     Click on Club Version =>   Click on =>  MyClubRunner

Good start is to: "Edit myProfile"
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Independence days

Posted by Pieter Blankevoort on Jul 04, 2012

RUDY Dovale: July seems to be the “independence month” of the year, Rudy said in his “4th of July speech”. Canada starts with the 1st of July; Curacao with its Dia di Bandera the 2nd, July 4th the USA, July 5th Venezuela, July 9th Argentina , July 16 Liberia, July 20th Colombia, July 26th the Netherlands, Jluy 28th Peru, and France is famous for its “quatorze juillet” but looking at the list of declarations of Independence there are many more in also many different month's. Rudy commented that the independence from the UK started with the thirteen colonies declaring their independence; they put the task of drawing up a Declaration of Independence in the hands of a five man committee. Rudy had brought with him a copy of the original declaration which was circulated among the members and guests. 


Personally I would like to add (Ton vd S.) that the ideas in that declaration follow quite closely the basic ideas of liberal democracy  in the Act of Abjuration ( Plakkaat van Verlaetinghe), signed on 26 July 1581 (also July !) , which was the formal declaration of independence of the Dutch Low Countries from the Spanish king, Philip II . The same ideas are also found in the Déclaration des droits de l'homme ET du citoyen, fundamental document of the French révolution.

(The new independence of USA was first recognized by the canons on the fort of St Eustatius[i])

Papi Yessurun spoke at length about Venezuela and its significance and affiliation to Curacao that is bound by history. He indicated that Simon Bolívar lived in Curacao during his depression when he was no longer in favor in Venezuela. His two sisters were at that time living in Curacao at the “Octagon” which now forms part of the Avila Hotel.

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Students supported by Rotary Club Curaçao and personal by some members

Posted by Pieter Blankevoort on Jun 27, 2012

Student program. Daisy explained that the year went so fast, it seems like a short time ago when the students were sitting (a year ago) at our lunch meeting. She was happy to announce that all passed their year (applause). Wim Odems sponsored one of the best atletes and several other Rotarians sponsored students to go to music lessons, tennis lessons, and many other. Then the students took the mike and in surprisingly good English one of them told us that because of Rotary she was closer in following her dream to go to Harvard medical school to develop a cure for cancer. Others told us how grateful they were and that they will do everything to make us proud and one of them did already by being second best in her class. Rudy asked Daisy if we can have a report on the progress of the students every 2-3 months so we can keep track of our investment and our future. Although Sigmund was happy with the results he regretted that males were underrepresented. Vinod explained the board wants to expand the program to have more than current 8 students.

 ImageDaisy addresses the Students

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Integrated eBulletin for Easier Communication

Posted on Jun 30, 2011

Since the weekly Bulletin is one of the well organized assets of our Rotary Club, we will not use this feature in the nearby future.

Although ClubRunner makes it easy to publish our weekly Club (e-)Bulletin, and send this to all members and friends of the club, and by incorporating home page stories and events with the push of a button it would be an easy thing to publish.

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Security and Integrity of Your Data

ClubRunner secures all your private information using the latest security technologies. Hosted in a world class data centre with redundant power, Internet backbones and 24/7 security and monitoring, you can rest assured that your club data is safe and protected. Your members' contact information is secured behind unique logins and passwords. Access to information is also restricted, for example, a member can only view the list of members, but can modify his or her own personal information.

Data on the server is protected by TCP/IP filtering, firewall and anti-virus software that protect against any unauthorized intrusion. Backups of data are made daily and stored off-site.
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